My Altar At UC Vendor Mall

1462657379.jpgAfter 20+ years as a business professional in the healthcare industry, a new outlook on life was just what I needed! With God's help and direction, my creative mind and hands began to work on various projects from my home garage in 2014. My husband of 18 years, Mike, and our two sons, Enic & Jonah, were great supporters and frequently assisted me in my new hobby.

After discovering that my project pieces were selling quickly and inexpensive home furnishings are in high demand, I decided to look into this type of work as a full-time career opportunity. Over the span of a year, I researched and developed a business model and business plan that would allow me to serve our Lord and Savior in my career and provide an income for my family. At the time, it was difficult for me to take the leap and leave an established and lucrative career that supported my family financially. But, the Lord made a way for his will to be done! In early 2016, my employer relocated my position to Nashville, TN... Unemployed means obstacle removed!

God made a way for me to open Union County Vendor Mall and establish My Altar as the first vendor!

You may ask, why is it called "My Altar"? The reason is this, when working on project pieces, I find it a comforting and convenient time to to talk to God. Most of my time spent working is time spent in prayer and in thought of His Word! Therefore, all my projects become "My Altar"!

We hope you enjoy our story and come visit My Altar!